Claiming Amber by Ruby Kross

Austin is a man of control. He has to be in order not to be sucked into his past. One day that control is all but lost because of a chance meeting with the one woman he has to have. She is beautiful and he will go to the extreme to have her.
Amber has been on the run from her own life for years, but now that her business is requiring her to come out of hiding she finds herself lost in her feelings and thoughts. When Austin enters her life she sees a baby standing before her, albeit a drop dead gorgeous baby.
Austin shows Amber he is anything but as he storms into her life. Only Amber will find out that Austin is more connected to the life she has been running from than she cares to admit. Will Amber and Austin be able to overcome their past to be together? Will Amber be able to overlook Austin’s age? Can love be birthed from pain, and last?

+This is Book 1 of 3 in the Lost Because of You Series. Be advised that this book ends with a cliffhanger. Austin and Amber’s story has intricate loops and details to tell their truth, which requires the three parts to this series. Book Two is coming soon.
++This book has strong language, and strong sexual content. This Book is for Mature Readers 18+
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