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J’s Song by Evei Lattimore

Jose knows he is no longer living life, but how can he? He has lost what mattered most. Tina was his world and his world was taken from him all too soon and he his no one to blame but himself. But maybe,just maybe there is such a thing as a second chance,J is open…
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Star by Evei Lattimore

"I had a goal and a purpose when I started the game, I knew what I wanted. Then I found the final piece to my plan, but I didn't listen to my heart and almost lost it all." Lee Johnson will tell you all about his life as a star NFL player. It is not…
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Destiny by Evei Lattimore

You live life once but does that mean you have to love the same. You will fall in love with Taliyah and those in her life as she reveals how she meet her destiny. Just when life seems it is going to fall into place the universe brings about the events that are meant to…
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